2022 Concert Series: New Horizons

It is true we have gone through great melancholy because of the great plague…” Samuel Pepys, 31 December 1665

As we all emerge from the last two painful years, we can empathise with Pepys’ “great melancholy”. Looking to new horizons in 2022, Salut! is inspired by composers who struggled through periods of adversity and stifled creativity.

Consider our daring Women of Note, who were unseen and silenced as composers but persevered as trailblazers in direct challenge to the existing social order. Or Musical Moonlighters who sometimes had little choice but to become jobseekers as music broke free from the prerogative of royalty and the church. Our talented and multiskilled composers, ranging from scientists to spies, thrived in this new environment. Even as plague, sickness and death stalked the baroque period, our Medicinal Music concert explores how music emerged as “a medicine for pains”, transitioning from celebrating the glory of God to the Age of Enlightenment. And we hear from the composers who travelled to The New World to weave exotic harmonies and rhythms from a tapestry of European and South American cultures.

Join us as we return to the stage for a year of joyous music making and shrug off the melancholy to explore new horizons.

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Sally Melhuish & Tim Blomfield
Artistic Directors, Salut! Baroque


2022 Concert Series

Concert 1

Women of Note

Concert 2

Musical Moonlighters

Concert 3
The New World
Concert 4

Medicinal Music


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